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Hello Angelica,
According to Barbara Lewinski in her comprehensive "Life of Milton" on pp. 199-212:
"During the summer of 1645 Milton prepared to move to his large new house at number 17, the Barbican, a short street off Aldersgate Street (shown in the 16 July 1864 issue of The Illustrated London News).  
He took with him John and Edward Phillips, his wife Mary Phillips...and Richard Barry" (Lewinski 199).
The Lewinski book goes into great detail about this school which closed in 1647 after the death of Milton's father.  Milton received his father's patrimony and moved out of the Barbican and bought a smaller house, at which point the school seems to have been closed.
If you don't already have The Life of Milton, I heartily recommend it.  You might be able to get the plans of the Barbican on fiche somewhere, perhaps check the British Library?
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Hello, scholars, 

I am interested in finding and confirming information about the material and practical aspects of Milton's homeschool: how much did Barry's and Jones' family pay Milton?  how big was Milton's home when he was teaching? etc.  I am on my way to pick up old favorites -- French's Life Records, Darbishire's Early Lives, Milton Encyclopedia -- as well as DuRocher's Milton Among the Romans and recent biographies.  I wonder if any of you might have any other good resources you could recommend.  

Many thanks. 


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