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Christopher Hill, A Century of Revolution
2nd ed. (NY: Norton, 1965).  Nearly everything
Hill on the 17th century wrote is illuminating--
that would add another twenty books!

Christopher Hill, The Experience of Defeat:
Milton and Some Contemporaries
(NY: Viking, 1984).

Christopher Hill, The World Turned
Upside Down (NY: Viking, 1972).

J.P. Kenyon, The Stuarts [1958]
(London: Fontana/Collins, 1970).
(My professor, John Malcolm Wallace,
recommended Kenyon for a background

Of course, serious students should be
aware of the monumental works of Samuel
Rawson Gardiner and David Masson.

Gardiner's History of the Great Civil War,
4 vols. is available in paperback.  Masson's
Life of John Milton, Narrated in Connexion with
the Political, Ecclesiastical and Literary
History of His Time is mistaken in places
but his work is encyclopedic and invaluable.
Of course, that reminds me of The Milton
Encyclopedia. . .

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>Christopher Hill, Milton and the English Revolution (1977)
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