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J. Stein stein at cc.usu.edu
Tue Feb 3 14:40:54 EST 2004

Uh, also:

Rosenblatt's Torah and law in Paradise lost 
Shoulson's Milton and the Rabbis

And possibly:

Wedgwood's Milton and his world

But I haven't looked at that last one in quite some time, so it may not have 
relevant info.

J. Stein

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>I find the online electronic database J-Store (Journal Storage) to be
>quite useful in working with any kind of project such as the one you are
>pursuing, in finding all kinds of articles which are in full text.  If you
>have access to it, it might prove to be a very useful tool.  Also if you
>have a compilation of Milton's works, such as the Merritt Hughes edition
>or Roy Flannagan's The Riverside Milton, you may want to look in their
>bibliographies to see if there's anything worth digging up.  I find this
>technique also useful in research. Good luck.
>Sara Beaver
>> I am doing an undergraduate thesis concerning Milton and the Rabbinical
>> tradition (with the primary text being Paradise Lost),and would greatly
>> appreciate if anyone could suggest some books, articles, etc. that would
>> help me. Thank you very much.
>> Nita Naim
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