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Many thanks to those of you who wrote to me on- and off-list with 
suggestions for my selected bibliography to guide beginning grad 
students in the historical context(s) of the seventeenth century.
In response to those of you who have requested that I make it available 
to all, here is the list that I have accumulated so far, which includes 
the suggestions by you and some of my own additions.
If, when you read this list, you are suddenly reminded of a resource 
that simply must be included, I would be delighted to hear more 
suggestions.  This is a list that will be useful to me now and in the 
Best wishes to all,
Jeffrey Shoulson

Political, Religious and Social History of Britain in the Seventeenth 
A Selected Bibliography

Aston, T.H. and C.H.E. Philpin, eds. The Brenner Debate: Agrarian Class 
Structure and Economic Development in Pre-Industrial Europe.
Barbour, Reid. Literature and Religious Culture in Seventeenth-Century 
Brenner, Robert Merchants and Revolution: Commercial Change, Political 
Conflict, and London's Overseas Traders, 1550-1663.
Bucholz, Robert and Newton Key, eds. Early Modern England 1485-1714: A 
Narrative History.
Burgess, Glenn. The Politics of the Ancient Constitution to English 
Political Thought, 1603-1642.
Burns, J. H. and Mark Goldie, eds. The Cambridge History of Political 
Thought, 1450-1700.
Coward, Barry.  The Stuart Age:  England, 1603-1714.
Ferrell, Lori Anne. Government By Polemic : James I, the King’s 
Preachers, and the Rhetorics of Conformity, 1603-1625.
Hibbert, Christopher.  Cavaliers & Roundheads:  The English Civil War, 
Hill, Christopher.  Milton and the English Revolution.
Keeble, N., ed. The Cambridge Companion to Writing of the English 
Kenyon, J. P.  Stuart England.
Kishlansky, Mark.  A Monarchy Transformed:  Britain, 1603-1714.
Lake, Peter with Michael Questier.  The Anti-Christ’s Lewd Hat : 
Protestants, Papists and Players in Post-Reformation England.
Lamont, William and Sybil Oldfield, eds. Politics, Religion, and 
Literature in the Seventeenth Century.
Loewenstein, David and Janel Mueller, eds. The Cambridge History of 
Early Modern English Literature.
McKeon, Michael. The Origins of the English Novel 1600-1740.
Mooers, Colin. The Making of Bourgeois Europe: Absolutism, Revolution, 
and the Rise of Capitalism in England, France and Germany.
Sommerville, Johann P. Politics and Ideology in England 1603-1640.
Spurr, John. English Puritanism, 1603-1689.
Trevor-Roper, Hugh.  From Counter-Reformation to Glorious Revolution.
Wedgwood, C. V.  The Great Rebellion. 2 Volumes.
Wood, Ellen Meiksins & Neal Wood. A Trumpet of Sedition: Political 
Theory and the Rise of Capitalism 1509-1688
Wood, Ellen Meiksins. The Pristine Culture of Capitalism: A Historical 
Essay on Old Regimes and Modern States.

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