[Milton-L] virus messan #2?

Creamer, Kevin kcreamer at richmond.edu
Sun Feb 1 09:02:18 EST 2004

Jim (and everyone),


The new Milton-L list program adds a footer to all messages going to the
list.  The footer contains the following information:



Milton-L mailing list

Milton-L at lists.richmond.edu



On plain text messages and rich-text format messages, the footer appears at
the bottom of the message.  When you use an HTML format for your messages,
the listserve attaches the footer, since it can't alter the HTML code.


That said, there's no reason to open any attachment that comes through the
Milton list.  If anyone ever has a document or other file they'd like to
share with the list, please send the file directly to me and I will post the
file to the Milton-L Web site.





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I just got the message I sent to Milton-L back and it had an attachment. I
didn't put any attachment on the first message I sent.




Jim Broaddus


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