[Milton-L] Naming to Command

Lafond, Curt clafond at capnhq.gov
Tue Dec 14 09:06:11 EST 2004

In PL, Adam names all creatures, an act symbolizing that he is to
command them. 
Can anyone confirm my vague recollection that the practice of "naming to
command" yielded another tradition where a free individual, upon
reaching adulthood, would invent a new name for himself.  In the public
sphere, he would retain the name given to him by his parents, but the
name he chose for himself in secret would become his "true" name,
symbolizing that no one can really command him.
Does this sound familiar to anyone?  Perhaps its origin is in stoicism?
If so, please contribute an explanation to this list if you like, or
point me to a reference.  Thank you.
- curt
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