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Brad Irish birish at bu.edu
Tue Dec 14 09:57:07 EST 2004

Just as a brief word of caution: trying to conflate "traditional," musical 
hip-hop with open-mike rap (which, I assume, is closer to slam poetry or 
spoken word rap) could be problematic.  Recently, the Def Poetry Jam project 
has attempted to bridge these two genres; its HBO program includes 
performances from both spoken-word/slam artists and well-known contemporary 
rappers.  Though the rappers perform their pieces acapella, their cadences, 
deliveries, and poetic structures are all noticeably different from their 
slam poet counterparts.  (In fact, they often recite verses from songs 
they've already put to music.)

I may, however, be misunderstanding what is meant by "open-mike" rap--if so, 
I apologize.

 > I confess to being someone who last listened to then-
> contemporary music when the Beatles were all alive and
> together - so how could I do a quick learn about oopen-mike
> rap?
> Thanks,
> C
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