[Milton-L] Re: Books, documents and texts

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Mon Dec 13 22:30:19 EST 2004

gilliaca at jmu.edu wrote:
> >As to gangsta:
> And then there's 'that dirty little coward/That shot poor Mr.
> Howard in the back' or words to that effect ... and then
> there's 'Frankie and Johhny' and 'Mack the Knife,' and ...

Several years ago there was an interesting article in _Critical Inquiry_
that took of from a comparison of "Cop Killer" and "Pretty Boy Floyd"
(and a third one, also by a black writer, I can't remember). Its concern
was to identify the reasons that the last two generated no uproar, while
the first one did.

Guthrie has several other songs on outlaws, but none as good as Pretty


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