[Milton-L] IMS8

James Rovira jrovira at drew.edu
Mon Dec 13 16:14:03 EST 2004

Who here is going to IMS8?  Any suggestions for a first timer, esp. 
regarding decent airfare and hotel prices?  My wife and I want to spend 
about a week in Paris before the conference.  Either way, we will see 
several of you there, hopefully. 

Jim Rovira

PS I'll be presenting a paper on Milton's Areopagitica that argues a bit 
(of course) with Stanley Fish. 

Duran, Angelica wrote:

> Dear Miltonists,
> The due date for the always wonderful Conference on John Milton in 
> Murfreesboro is during the IMS8 in Grenoble, France.  If you are going 
> to IMS8, you might want to mark your calendars to send in papers on 
> June 1 to avoid getting caught in last minute prepartions.
> Also, I would like to invite members interested in discussing the 
> publication of specific editions of Milton's works, either in English 
> or in translation, to contact me to see if we might form a panel.  I 
> will be writing a paper tentatively entitled "A Roman Catholic Version 
> of Milton's Hell in the First Spanish Translation of Paradise Lost."
> Adios,
> Angelica Duran

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