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Much of Mos Def's, Tribe Called Quest's, and De La Soul's work come to
mind. All definitely hip-hop, and the latter two early 90s hip-hop (when
hip-hop was fun, Missy Elliott would say...).


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See, I think hip-hop and gangsta can at least be called bad poetry 
(though sometimes it's better than that).  Wish I had a few examples of 
what I'm thinking about at hand...


Nancy Charlton wrote:

> At 09:22 AM 12/13/2004, Carrol Cox wrote:
>> > "Duran, Angelica" wrote:
>> >
>> > on the other hand, "meaning" that is external to or prior
>> > to language, as in much of contemporary writing that passes for
>> > "poetry" is not poetry either.
>> >
>> I don't understand this at all. And there is at least one serious
>> logical flaw in it: to contrast "poetry" and "writing that passes for
>> 'poetry'" is to dissolve the difference between "good poetry" and "bad
>> poetry" into a mystic conception of "true poetry."
>> Carrol
>> Keep the X in Xmas
> I thought Angelica was referring to lyrics such as hip-hop and 
> gangsta, with their bad form. If limp meters and lazy rhyming weren't 
> enough, most of these don't go much beyond an imperfectly realized 
> rant. If I'm wrong, I apologize, but I've heard enough to tune them 
> out completely.
> "Real" poetry, "good" poetry may rant too, but it says something in 
> feeling way.
> Yes, keep X is Xmas, X being Chi the initial of Christ. Personally, I 
> think the only way to save Christmas is to abolish it: it should not 
> be a legal holiday in the USA. If it were like Easter, widely observed 
> by Christians but ignored by everyone else, it would be freed of 
> political correctness and being sanitized into "Happy Holidays." 
> Frankly, I don't think Frosty and Rudolph quite justify a national 
> holiday!
> But would your congressman propose such a thing? Mine neither!
> Forgive the Miltonically-irrelevant rant, but be sure I won't be 
> putting it into gangsta rap!
> Nancy Charlton
> Jouez hautbois, resonnez musettes!

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