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At 09:22 AM 12/13/2004, Carrol Cox wrote:

> > "Duran, Angelica" wrote:
> >
> > on the other hand, "meaning" that is external to or prior
> > to language, as in much of contemporary writing that passes for
> > "poetry" is not poetry either.
> >
>I don't understand this at all. And there is at least one serious
>logical flaw in it: to contrast "poetry" and "writing that passes for
>'poetry'" is to dissolve the difference between "good poetry" and "bad
>poetry" into a mystic conception of "true poetry."
>Keep the X in Xmas

I thought Angelica was referring to lyrics such as hip-hop and gangsta, 
with their bad form. If limp meters and lazy rhyming weren't enough, most 
of these don't go much beyond an imperfectly realized rant. If I'm wrong, I 
apologize, but I've heard enough to tune them out completely.
"Real" poetry, "good" poetry may rant too, but it says something in feeling 

Yes, keep X is Xmas, X being Chi the initial of Christ. Personally, I think 
the only way to save Christmas is to abolish it: it should not be a legal 
holiday in the USA. If it were like Easter, widely observed by Christians 
but ignored by everyone else, it would be freed of political correctness 
and being sanitized into "Happy Holidays." Frankly, I don't think Frosty 
and Rudolph quite justify a national holiday!

But would your congressman propose such a thing? Mine neither!

Forgive the Miltonically-irrelevant rant, but be sure I won't be putting it 
into gangsta rap!

Nancy Charlton
Jouez hautbois, resonnez musettes! 
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