[Milton-L] How to hear Paradise Lost read aloud

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Sun Dec 12 08:14:45 EST 2004

From: Jesse Swan <jesse.swan at uni.edu>

I wonder, further, what it would be like for Mike Deesing to come to know
the text that is _PL_ by way of having someone, or some several people, read
it aloud to him, as he reclines, eyes closed, on a sofa, in an attentive,
half-irascible, half-magnanimous mood?  I imagine that I would not be the
only one on this listserv to envy him this.  I don't know which document,
though, to suggest his lector or lectors read from.

Dear Jesse Swan,

I can grant this wish - - there are readings of PL available on tape
cassettes (and probably now on cds as well). The one I have is the complete
text, there are abridged versions available too of course. It is read by
Frederick Davidson, whose British voice, unfortunately I don't particularly
like. I'm not sure why I don't, it's not the British accent. It is put out
by Blackstone Audiobooks and cost $50 (my bookstore got it for me, but I'm
sure Amazon and other internet purveyors will be willing to sell you a copy.

If anyone can comment on any other audio book versions, I would be
interested to hear your opinions.

Carolyn Kunin

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