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Mike, there have been many printings and many editions of Paradise Lost 
since it was first published. In order to ascertain the value of the book 
qua book, we'd need to know the following:

Editor, if applicable
Publication date and place
How the book is made and bound
Its condition
Whether annotated, and if so what kind of notes

As to the content, we on this list would agree that the value of PL as a 
work of literature can't really be measured, as it has proved endlessly 
thrilling, meaningful, and "interestine" to about 16 generations of English 
-speaking people, and more than a few who've read it in translation.

Whether your book is of value to bibliophiles or not, if you haven't read 
it--and it sounds like you haven't--go for it! Read it out loud preferably, 
don't worry about all the allusions you don't understand, but just enjoy!

Nancy Charlton

At 05:17 PM 12/11/2004, you wrote:

>Hello,I have a book that i am seeking the value of and was wondering if 
>you could help me in any way?  It it miltons paridise lost and looks very 
>interestine to say the least.  mike
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