[Milton-L] milton in portuguese and IMS8

Duran, Angelica ADuran at sla.purdue.edu
Fri Apr 23 14:54:02 EDT 2004

Dear scholars,

1) Recently, I discovered a wonderful drama written in Spanish entitled "Milton," and haphazardly discovered an 1867 drama in Portuguese entitled "Milton Comedia Em Un Acto" by Francisco da Costs Braga.  The Portuguese comedy is a 25-page short drama with characters Milton, Emma (his daughter), Lord Arthur Davenant, Godwen, Miss Carolota (neice of a Quaker), "Um Criado Do Lord," and other minor characters.  

While I am very interested in and am working on the Spanish work, I do not know Portuguese.  I made a copy despite my personal inability or immediate desire to use it rather than let the Portuguese drama sink back into oblivion.  While I could of course get a student to translate it for me or muddle my way through it, I am emailing this list to see if it might be of any help in anyone's research.

2) Also, if there is anyone interested in forming a panel for the International Milton Symposium 8, with its new June 2004 proposal due date, about Milton and Hispanic/Latino Perspectives, please do email me as soon as possible.  I checked the IMS8 webpage and I could not find a web mechanism for soliciting panel proposals.


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