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By the way--perhaps you know of this article:  Jones, Edward  'Filling in a
Blank in the Canvas': Milton, Horton, and the Kedermister Library.  Review
of English Studies: A Quarterly Journal of English Literature and the
English Language  53  209 (2002):Feb  31-60.

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Subject: Horton, England

Hello Milton Scholars,

I will be in Cambridge, England this summer, and I was wondering if anyone
has been to Horton, where Milton spent some years with his father.  How do
you get there from London, or Cambridge, and once there, what is there to
see that is related to Milton?  I tried to get there from Oxford, but it
seemed that Horton is off of the main bus linesand quite difficult to get
to.  I would certainly appreciate any information.  Thanks.
Salwa Khoddam

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