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Daniel W. Doerksen dwd at unb.ca
Thu Apr 1 11:08:14 EST 2004

	Following a precedent set on the Milton list by Robert Appelbaum, Joshua
Scodel, and Peter C. Herman, I want to announce the appearance of a book
that I hope will be of interest to many of you. I happen to be a co-editor
with Christopher Hodgkins, but I recommend this book because it includes
many excellent contributions by a variety of scholars.

Centered on the Word: Literature, Scripture, and the Tudor-Stuart Middle
Way (University of Delaware Press, Associated University Presses, 2004).

	The essays in this volume relate in different ways to a central
proposition: that the word-centeredness of the Tudor-Stuart Church of
England had both powerful and subtle effects on the literature produced
during and immediately after the reigns of Elizabeth and the early Stuarts.
The literary works treated here appeared from the 1590s, in the last
Elizabethan decade, to 1652, shortly after the death of Charles I. The
essays represent a range of long-recognized major authors: Spenser,
Shakespeare, Donne, Herbert, and Milton; but also the more recently
canonized Aemilia Lanyer, along with Robert Southwell, a little-known
William Baspoole, and a fresh, relatively new discovery in the anonymous
female author of Eliza's Babes. Every essay is
interdisciplinary: most take the historical setting into account, while
others relate literature to philosophy, theology, architecture, and
ecclesiastical controversy.
	The contributors to this collection include many seasoned scholars, as
well as some promising new voices. Yet their work shares a common thread:
the strengthening and deepening of the dialogue between literary and
historical scholarship.

Spenser's Amoretti and Epithalamion: A Psalter of Love (CAROL V. KASKE)
Guiding the Heavenly Causes: Faithfulness, Fate, and Prophecy in The Faerie
Queene (LORENA HENRY), Lanyer and Southwell: A Protestant Woman's Re-Vision
of St. Peter (SUSANN E WOODS), Luther, Cranmer, Service, and Shakespeare
(DAVID EVE TT), Publishing the Sole-talk of the Soule: Genre in Early
Stuart Piety (KATE NARVESON), "the man which have affliction seene": Donne,
Jeremiah, and the Fashioning of Lamentation (RAYMOND-JEAN FRONTAIN),
Discerning God's Voice, God's Hand: Scripturalist Moderation in Donne's
Devotions (DANIEL W . DOERKSEN), Squint-eyed, Left-handed, Half-deaf:
Imperfect Senses and John Donne's Interpretive Middle Way (JEANNE SHAMI),
Sacramentalizing the Word: Donne's 1626 Christmas Sermon (ROBERT WHALEN),
Locating the Word: The Textual Church and George Herbert's Temple (PAUL
DYCK), "A Prophetique Dreame of the Churche": William Baspoole's Laudian
Reception of the Medieval Pilgrimage of the Lyfe of the Manhode (KATHRYN
WALLS), Milton and the Bishops : Ecclesiastical Controversy and the Early
Poems (JOHN N. KING ), Plays Out of Season: Puritanism , Antitheatricalism,
and the Closing of the Theaters (CHRISTOPHER HODGKINS), Creative Adoption
in Eliza's Babes (1652): Puritan Refigurations of Sibbes, Herrick, and
Herbert (L. E. SEMLER).

Dan Doerksen
Daniel W. Doerksen, Ph.D.        
Department of English, University of New Brunswick		
Fredericton, N.B. Canada  E3B 5A3

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